1. Positive self-talk – Use such words as: I will, I can, I know how to, remember it is better to say the glass is half full not the glass is half empty.
  2. Emergency stress stoppers – Stress happens but there are simple ways to help handle it. Stop and count to ten before you speak, take 3-4 deep breathes, take a break and walk away, admit you made a mistake or need help, to avoid being late set your watch 5-10 minutes ahead, break down a big project into smaller pieces setting a goal for each milestone achieved, smile and meditate.
  3. Finding pleasure – At least once a day do something you enjoy whether it is participating in a sport or activity you enjoy, having coffee with a friend or watching a favorite TV show.
  4. Daily relaxation – Empty your mind, let go of your problems, think nice thoughts meditate!

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