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How Much is My Prescription!!!!!!!

The rising cost of prescription drugs is scarey as many of us are struggling to fit the escalating costs into our shrinking monthly budget.  The same cholesterol  drug can cost $ll at one pharmacy to as much as $100 at another.  That is right not only are the drug companies increasing costs but the costs vary widely by pharmacy as well!!  Many times if you pay for your drug without going through your Medicare insurance policy it is cheaper than your insurance co-pay.  Knowing the cost of  the drug when your doctor first prescribes it makes life so much easier for both you and your doctor.  It is easier for your doctor if he knows the cost before you leave his office because if it is too high he can try to find alternative drugs that you can afford.  An on-line drug company recommended by many doctors that was recently highlighted on the Dr. Oz show has a free phone app that does just that.  Additionally, they work with over 60,000 pharmacies to provide  you with the lowest price with or without using your insurance.  Their website is called Blink Health.  Another group that has been working to offer lower priced drugs especially for those without insurance or in the donut hole is RefillWise.  Both have easy to follow instructions on how to get started.

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