Yellow Flowers

It Is Still Cold Season! Do Not Be Misled By The Tulips.

Colds are as common in the spring as they are in the winter. The CDC and Nature Sunshine Vitamins recommend that you do not let your guard down and you can protect yourself and others by:  1) Washing & drying your hands often – germs cling to wet surfaces.  2) Cover your sneezes and coughs – NOT WITH YOUR HANDS but with the inside of your arm.  3) Avoid touching your face – germs enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth.  4) Stay away from people who are sick and if YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME.  5) Exercise! When the heart speeds up it increases the type of white blood cells that fight viruses.  6) Disinfect frequently touched surfaces. 7) Eat good food – good nutrition helps fight the battle.  8) Do not smoke – smoke destroys the cilia in the nose that sweep out viruses.  9) Cut out alcohol and drink more water – alcohol suppresses the immune system and water helps it.  10) Smile and relax –  laughter is the best medicine.  11) Get adequate sleep-  While you sleep the body repairs itself. 12) Break your germy habits – NO DOUBLE DIPPING, OR BITING YOUR NAILS.

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