Long Term Care

This is a unique insurance category because of the obvious high cost of this type of insurance due to the expensive cost of care today.  Long-term care policies are getting more expensive and there are fewer and fewer insurance companies offering this type of policy.  However, there are many unique ways that the insurance industry is trying to offer more affordable options from covering shorter time frames, offering extra income in times of need  (policies such as for cancer or stroke, etc.) all which are very affordable.  As well as  adding long-term care options to many annuities and life insurance  (a fee is usually involved).  It is always best to talk to an agent about what might work for you.  Long Term Care is a growing problem in the U.S. according to the Family Caregiver Alliance:

  • The lifetime probability of losing at least 2 ADLs or being cognitively impaired is as high as 68%
  • By 2050 it is estimated that 27 million people could need long-term care services
  • Among the 65+ population between 65%-70% will develop disabilities before they die and almost 40% will end up in a nursing home

There are traditional long term care insurance policies which are very good and offer extraordinary benefits.  If you would like more information, please fill out the following form: