Short-Term Care

Short-term care policies often called in-home care are much easier to qualify for than long-term care.


  • Are good for only a short period of time (time periods vary from 100 to 360 days).
  • Are only payable when you receive in-home care at a set dollar amount per allowable service up to a maximum per day.
  • Are (most) a form of an indemnity policy, that means you get the cash as outlined above to spend anyway you want.

There is even one policy that reimburses you so much annually for your prescriptions after you hit a minimum amount paid out (usually around $300) including the portion paid by your insurance company.  This makes the monthly premium even more affordable often times under $40 per month.

This is an excellent policy if you might need in-home care or therapy for example if  you have knee surgery, etc.  Call or send an email for further information today.