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……Everyone needs Texas Financial Health Awareness in their life!!!!!!


I just saved a family of four  $600 a MONTH on their health insurance and a 86 year old female about $2,900 a YEAR on her Medicare supplement insurance.

They were willing to come see me at home

I had no idea you would be driving way out here?  Of course, it would be ok how about we take you to lunch?  …..

TFHA helped me understand Medicare in about 30 Minutes

“TFHA gave me a copy of their Medicare booklet which helped me understand Medicare in about 30 minutes by using client examples. I wish I would have had this when I turned 65. I let my daughter read it and she wants to go with TFHA since they are so knowledgeable.”

TFHA saved our clients $100s

“TFHA was able to guide my clients to the right insurance which has saved them several $100 per month. I really appreciate what they do to help me with my clients.”

TFHA Helped Our Community

“TFHA has been a huge asset to our independent living community. They have helped several of our clients understand their Medicare and drug plans. Giving information on resources that might help them with Medicare and drug costs. TFHA has been a savior to our community.”

Texas Financial Health Awareness Provided Info That Saved Me Money

“TFHA was able to provide me with other information other than insurance that helped me save money. TFHA are always coming up with ways I can save money. They have helped me develop a budget that helps me save a little each month. I really appreciate what they do for me.”

TFHA Answered All My Questions

“TFHA called me to find out what questions I had about Medicare and answered all my questions. We decided that it was best for me to stay with what I had. They took the time to explain this in detail when most people wouldn’t have given me the time of day. Texas Financial Health Awareness really cares about helping people even if it doesn’t put money in his pocket.”

Texas Financial Health Awareness is a godsend

After spending a few hours with TFHA, it is like I have known them all my life. I feel that God sent them to me. They have helped me with so many things; life insurance for burial and a cancer policy. They liked my Medicare supplement I had and told me not to change it. How many insurance people do that? They also took me for a medical test that I had to have and since I live alone and don’t drive and no one else at the time could take me. TFHA is a godsend.